Ástin mín (My Love)

You who stands strong hand in my hand as we walk our path thru the love drenched meadows of all our hopes and desires.

You whose gentle song carries me to safety in the wind and storms, a lullaby of love that forever sings peace and joy to my heart.

You who silently stands vigil in the temple of our dreams. Weaving the threads for all our becomings.

You, great ocean mother who nurture our children and whose endless tide of compassion carries them safely to the shores of their futures

You whose name i proudly shout with joy from the rooftop of the heavens so that it will forever echo untill the very end of time.

Let you know this.

You are the fire that burns forever bright inside me, whose holy flame fills the days and nights with such sacredness that my soul rejoices in the temple of love

You are the happiness that floods my heart forever in the knowing that you are my true love and i am yours what an honor it is to be your husband, to walk together into the sunset of our days.

Without you this dream would never of begun.

With you, this dream will never end.


lady of my hearts fire.

You were the Spring
in my Winter of longing.

You showed me love's treasure.

I am forever grateful
for your warm touch,
when darkness owned my heart.







Wild woman

Wild woman, darkness, raw, untamed.

Shrouded in nightime,
You come to me with lips of fire.
You kiss me...

Your shadow forever burning in my soul.
Ride me she does

Like the unforgiving wind that roars in the hearts of all men.

Biting me,
Tearing at my flesh.
The blood flows freely,
Unchained i am
I can feel you...

Wild woman, darkness, raw, untamed.

Come take me, come take me, deep inside.
To your most hallowed place, where men fear to go.
Here my dreams can bathe in the blood of your holy waters.
forever bound to you shall i be.

Wild woman, darkness, raw, untamed.

Wolf mother of the iron wood
Come take me, come take me, deep inside.