9 Realms Healing

With honor and heart

Hi, I’m Sunni Alem’neh!

I Invite you to get to know me,


I'm a devoted husband and a father of five beautifully spirited children. I have dedicated my life to honoring the ancient northern traditions. I work alongside and learn from their Gods, Goddesses and nature-based spirits. It is at this hearth where the fire burns the brightest and it is at this hearth where the warmth of that fire fills my heart with love and honor. This is where I manifest the energy to walk this sacred path in service to the great spirit; to the Allfather and Mother. It is along this path, this sacred thread that weaves its way through the web of life where I may meet you or where you may afind me.


During my many years along this sacred walk, I have found myself sitting around the campfires of numerous ancient traditions and teachings. I have had the honor of listening to the sacred stories being told from the oldest of Elders to the youngest of newborns. Each and every one of those storytellers has had wisdom and teachings to share with me. I have borrowed from this wisdom and woven it into the fabric of my own teachings to create a vast and colourful tapestry of knowledge, which I gaze at and call upon when I sit with you.


As a seer, when I do healings with clients, I explore their own unique personal thread (Orlog) and how it weaves into to the web of life (Wyrd). During the initial consultation, through discussion and combined with the messages I receive from Spirit, I will determine what healings will be suitable for you in order to help clear the obstacles that are preventing you from walking your sacred path. I work as true as possible to the northern traditions and therefore identify myself as a Seidmaðr and not a Shaman. I encourage you to do your own research into Seiðr but, for quick reference, the work of the Seidmaðr can be divided into three

SEIÐR This is very shamanic by nature and is often a general blanket term used for this magical practice.
GALÐR This involves incantations either written or verbal.
SPAE This is where I embrace my ability as a seer and involves all forms of divination and oracular work.


Sunni took up the role as my spiritual teacher in 2020. Roles shifted between father figure, teacher and eventually brother. I could not ask for a better guide in these norse realms of magic than him.
Sunni teaches as he lives with his heart on his sleeve and dedication to the subject. Due to this I have not only gotten thaught in Norse Seiðr but also an example as a balanced spiritual man.
Working with Sunni has changed my life for the better, he’s an amazing teacher, healer and gifted seer.
He acts with integrety and divine connections to the gods he works with.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!


Sunni is a 21st century Viking! The Norse Gods and Faith are central to everything he does as a practitioner, teacher and father of five. He lives by a strict Code of Honour that commands utmost respect.
Sunni has completed an entire practitioner training with me in shamanic healing work. He is currently my teaching assistant at True North, a professional Seiðmaðr & Seiðkona program running at my school in the forest in Sweden.
Sunni leads by example and all participants adore him. I cannot recommend Sunni's work highly enough. The world needs Elders and spiritual teachers of his calibre and integrity!
-Imelda Almqvist, international teacher of Sacred Art and Seiðr, author of four books including Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit and Medicine of the Imagination: Dwelling in Possibility

Anne B

Last summer I was suffering from extreme fatigue, overload of stress and a sense of disconnection. This is where I encountered Sunni. From that moment on I knew i had found an honest person and a true healer. He was able to pinpoint and release my blockages as well as giving me advice on what my next steps should be. The days after our session I became more energised and myself again. Doing the exercises he has given me has kept myself from relapsing again. 

Thank you for this amazing reset in life Sunni! 

HONOR- Heiðr

This webpage would feel incomplete if I failed to mention the word Honor (Heiðr) This is a word that, to me, lies at the very heart of the philosophy of these ancient peoples
and of those who have dedicated their life to following their traditions.

IIn these next paragraphs I want to take the time to honor not just my own self-worth and importance to the Wyrd,
but all of those who have weaved their magic into the very threads of my own fate.
Without them I would not be where I am today.

I cannot list every person, being and spirit that I have known as that would take an eternity.
What I can say is that that
every friendship and every encounter I have had with you in whatever way, shape or form has been a sacred teaching and a gift that I will forever cherish.

Yet to name a few...

First and foremost, to my beautiful wife Georgia,
whose unwavering support and love has helped forge the person I am and without whom I would never of made it to where I am today.
I love you.

To my family who are the hearth and fire which burns bright inside of me.
To Þórr, beloved guardian of Miðgarðr, forever my protector, who stands beside me sharing his strength and virtues.

To Hel, my consort beyond the veil; the comforting darkness within my light and keeper of the ancestral secrets.

To Iðunn and Eir who never fail to comfort and heal,
whose love and laughter echo throughout all the seasons.

To Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld, the three ladies of fate whose names are echoed before the beginning of time.

To Carlos Glover and his wife Suesan Milner
whose never-ending friendship showers me with an abundance of love and whose generosity has nurtured my dream into being.

To my brother Anthony Torfs, creator of this website and the wolf who walks beside me, now and always on our journey to the sacred halls of the Æsir.

Last but not least, to Imelda Almqvist
who truly is the most inspiring teacher I have ever known and had the honor of learning from;
whose powerful healings are just otherworldly and whose knowledge and wisdom,
both in this tradition and others, must surely come from the well of Mímisbrunnr itself.
There are not enough words in this world or in any of the others that could describe how highly I value my learnings and friendship with Imelda

Thank you all